Our Values

About Us

Established in 2009, we are Istanbul based corporate finance advisory company to meet the needs of domestic and foreign investors, families with various assets and companies.

We have carried out many successful financing arrangement, M&A, operational and financial restructuring projects in Germany, Azerbaijan and especially in Turkey.

Our team consists of professionals with investment banking, project finance, financial advisory, commercial banking background and management experience in various industries. We have experience in bringing all parties together on a common denominator in our project.

We, as Servo Capital team, have successfully completed many refinancing, financial/operational restructuring and M&A transactions.

We have served and continue to serve many companies operating in different sectors such as cement companies, yarn and denim manufacturing companies, aluminum manufacturing companies, biosimilar pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, pasta and flour manufacturing companies, steel pipe manufacturing companies, helicopter rental companies, car rental companies, machinery equipment manufacturing companies, companies importing machinery, hotels, tourism agencies, construction companies, contracting companies, food retailing, etc. We work with more than 200 domestic and international banks, funds and financial institutions in our financing arrangement and financial restructuring transactions. We are one of the rare institutions that worked on the restructuring of Eurobond issued by a Turkish company. Multilateral large amount financing syndication is one of our specialties. We are in communication with all Turkey-based financial investors.

In addition, we provide advisory services to family companies on writing family constitutions and shareholders' agreements, establishing a family office during generation transitions.

Our Vision & Mission


To be the largest financial advisory and alternative investment company in the region that contributes to the efficient use of resources of domestic and regional companies and to create value for companies, its stakeholders and the society.


To create value for stakeholders and the society with our team that generates solutions, does not compromise on ethical values, is reliable, passionate, competent, creative and the best in the sector.

Our Values

Problem Solver

  • Innovative
  • Open Minded
  • Makes Decision Based On Consensus
  • Creative and Generates Solution Against Status Quo
  • Aims to Create Value in Every Action
  • Open to Improvement and Continuous Learning


  • Reliable
  • Fair
  • Transparent
  • Accountable
  • Sticks Together 


  • We Love Our Job
  • We Take Pleasure In Doing Our Job
  • We Do Our Job With High Quality
  • We Make a Point Of Having Fun

Sticks Together

  • We Trust Each Other
  • We Believe In Teamwork 
  • We Respect - Each Other, Our Clients, Our Job and Effort

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