Financing Arrangement

We support companies in accessing financing resources and enable them to make investments which they are planning by establishing complex and multilateral financing structures, obtaining maturity with the most affordable price. 

Financing Arrangement:

Project Finance and Syndications
ECA Financing
Commodity Finance
Mezzanine Debt
Structured Finance
Bill/Bond Issuance

In financing arrangement transactions, we first determine the financial strength of the companies with in-depth analysis of current financial structure and create the optimal financing strategy that will serve all parties.

We have direct access to nearly 200 banks, loan funds, development banks and other financial institutions in the domestic and international financing market and we work with all our experience and connections to arrange optimal financing for companies.

We coordinate all parties to solve problems that may arise during the financing arrangement process, to overcome the bottlenecks to successfully close the transaction.

In transactions which an independent financial advisor is not involved, companies take the risk of not closing the transaction and not obtaining optimal terms and conditions.

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