Financial and Operational Restructuring

As Servo Capital, we are one of the first local and independent corporate finance companies operating in Financial and Operational Restructuring projects in Turkey. Our company's specialty in financial restructuring and operational turnaround is based on our efforts to help companies that have run into liquidity problems in difficult economic conditions. We have contributed to many shareholders protecting their companies and maintaining their operations. With our experience of over 13 years, we determine the strategies for companies to improve their activities, increase their profitability and manage their debt burden, and we execute the strategies by entering into the companies. We create value for stakeholders by acting quickly.

Our Financial Restructuring Products:

Financial and Operational Restructuring
Chief Operating Officer
Operational Turnaround
Restructuring Monitoring
Independent Business Review

In financial restructuring transactions, we first determine the financial status, cash flow performance and risk structure of the companies with in-depth analysis of the current financial structure, and then we design an operational and financial restructuring strategy that will serve all parties.

Within the scope of the strategy, we monitor and manage daily, weekly and monthly cash flows to ensure the correct use of resources, to reduce cash outflow from companies and to take necessary decisions immediately.

We create an information flow between the Creditors and the Group in a way that Creditors can understand every aspect of Group’s operations.

We coordinate all parties to solve problems that may arise during the financial restructuring process, to overcome the bottlenecks and to reach the closing of the transaction as soon as possible.

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