Mr. Kenan Özsaraç is a veteran tax and audit professional having 33 years work experience.


He is Servo Capital's solution provider in financial due diligences, tax due diligences & tax


He is also the Chairman of Pozitif Denetim, a tax auditing, tax consultancy and tax law office since 1991 and Chairman of MGI Bağımsız Denetim, an independent auditing company since 1998.


Mr. Özsaraç started his career as tax inspector in tax audit board, Turkish Ministry of Finance.


He later had served as president of internal audit committee of Hürriyet one of the biggest newsprint house and publishing group of Turkey and assumed different other roles within Hürriyet.


He has a BA degree in Political Sciences from Ankara University and MS in Business Economics from Ankara University.

Kenan Özsaraç


Senior Advisor

Financial & Tax Due Diligence, Tax